Luxury Villas in Tucson Foothills
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Building a Vacation Rental Business
Tom and Susan are Emeritus Associate Professors of Education at the University of Calgary in
Canada. They accepted positions at the U of C in 1990  and began saving their pennies
purchasing several vacation rental units in Tucson Arizona; a place they love to spend time.
Tom and Susan retired in 2005. They first bought rental properties in 2000 and now have two
beautiful Villas in Tucson that they rent.

NOTE: Availability April through December 2017
REDUCED to  $1000 a month!
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Supporting Capacity Building Overseas
Tom and Susan have worked overseas since 1995 in post-conflict regions to help re-build
school and university leadership lost during the wars. To read more about their work, click on
"About Us" link above.
Click here to see a 2008 News Paper Article on
building our Rentals Business
2 /  2  Villa # 01
2 /  1  Villa # 71
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Each year, Tom and Susan spend time in the units to repair and renovate them. The units reflect
their personal values and are designed and maintained to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing
and functional. To view the properties, click the links on the left hand side of this web page.
Rentals for Villas in Tucson
2 / 2 Villa #65
Behind this Gate for Rancho Sin Vacas
and the Villas at Sin Vacas, roadways curl
around the foothill terrain over 7 miles.
We have two Rental Villas.