Curriculum Vita for Dr Tom Gougeon

Proposed Position – Educational Development,  Policy Consultant and Program Evaluation

Name/Citizenship:  Dr. Tom Gougeon/Canadian


Dr. Gougeon combines impressive academic qualifications to the PhD level in Education with international experience
in teacher education, education policy, educational leadership, governance and directing international internship
programs. He was a cultural and gender specialist in leadership at the University of Calgary Education faculty for 15
years and spearheaded initiatives in international rural teacher education and community development. Dr. Gougeon
has extensive experience in designing and delivering educational programs, incorporating the 'train the trainer' model
that integrates the learner’s personality style, alternative leadership frameworks, and contextual factors in which the
learners are situated. Dr. Gougeon developed a leadership program for educators and facilitated the programs in two
CIDA and one World Bank projects.  He has extensive management and leadership experience including managing
public and private schools and numerous projects; he has a strong background in all areas of leadership education
including cross gender and cross cultural communication, community school relations, leadership and organizational
theory, NGO governance, leadership in rural communities, and rural community leadership in education. He designed
and taught leadership programs for CIDA-sponsored work in Kosovo and World Bank-sponsored work in Lebanon.
His in-depth understanding of leadership, governance, management, and administration of educational organizations
and programs both domestically and internationally, is of great value to organizations overseas.

Education and Related Training:

PhD Education Administration (Educational Administration), Washington State University, Washington, USA, 1989
MEd (Educational Administration) University of Victoria 1978  
Dip Ed (Elementary and Secondary) 1975 Notre Dame University of Nelson
BSc (Physics and Mathematics) 1975 Notre Dame University of Nelson

Languages:        Spoken        Read        Written
English                 fluent            fluent        fluent
French                  basic             fair            basic        
Spanish               minimal        basic        minimal

Length of service/status with last firm:  15 years, Associate Professor of Education, Educational Leadership

Pertinent Experience:

Education Policy and Planning and Team Leader Experience
As a professor of Educational Policy, Dr. Gougeon brings a wealth of valuable experience in cross cultural issues,
gender and community development. Principally focussing on 'self' as teacher, his graduate level policy courses
explored ethnocentrism, self analysis and issues of justice, power and religion. His ‘School and Community
Relations’ course focussed on community development and capacity building within communities. As founding
President of the Canadian International College in Japan (1987), Dr. Gougeon worked with his team and interpreted
education policy of Japanese and Canadian colleges to establish transfer credits. In 1968, within a team of three, Dr.
Gougeon helped found St. John’s School of Alberta, a private school for boys, establishing stakeholder engagement
and developing school policies, as well as helping to build the curriculum to operationalize education policy in the
Alberta context by translating educational policy into the course curriculum.  In his capacity as Chair of the Board of
Governors for Notre Dame University, Nelson, B.C., Dr. Gougeon led the board in policy development and reviewed
and helped create enabling policy for the establishment of the first University-College Centre in Canada.

Dr. Gougeon gathers data from community sources including students, instructors, business leaders, informal
community leaders and advises senior management in colleges as to programmatic needs for 5-and 10-year

Teacher Training and Curriculum Development
In addition to 15 years as associate professor (Gender) at the University of Calgary, Dr. Gougeon has extensive
international experience in Teacher Education. He was Key Expert 2 on teacher development and curriculum
development in the EU SWAp Project in Kosovo from January 2011 to October 2012. He was the EPIP II Project
external evaluator contracted by World Bank in Kosovo in 2009. He Guest taught a course in Educational Leadership at
the University of Pristina in 2009. He was the Pre-service and In-service Coordinator in Kosovo from April 2005-June
2007 contracted by the Canadian International Development Agency. He was a Senior Leadership Coordinator in
Kosovo in 2001 funded by CIDA. He coordinated Intern and Teacher Experiences in international schools from 1995-
2005 in Bangladesh, Uganda, the Czech Republic, Guatemala, Ecuador, Kenya and Tanzania. Dr. Gougeon led the
Department of Rural Teacher Education at the University of Victoria (1981 to 1985) and redesigned the teacher training  
program for the rural context including one- and two- room schools. At the University of Calgary, Dr. Gougeon was the
Director of Student Practicum from 1995-8, during the institution’s change from its traditional teaching to a new learner
centered experiential approach. This included problem solving with the Alberta Teacher’s Association, working closely
with the Dean of the Faculty and dealing with severe budget cutbacks.  He was involved in ongoing work redesigning
graduate education programs to meet specific outcomes within a fiscal and professional framework.  A consultant for
the Learning Centre at the Calgary Police Service, Dr. Gougeon redesigned training curricula for police constables and
sergeants toward the identification of knowledge outcomes, the development of professional and learning objectives,
gap areas and needs assessments and clustering of courses. He also worked directly with course developers on
curriculum. From 1995-1998, Dr. Gougeon was the Director of Teacher In-service providing professional development
for practicing teachers. He supervised the development and offering of over 100 in-service courses to 1400 to 1500
teachers per year, managed the program budget, performed needs assessments and work planning sessions, as
well as assembling a team and contributing to curricular development. In 1995 Dr. Gougeon surveyed all the rural
school districts in Alberta to determine their needs for upgrading and credentialing teacher assistants who work with
teachers with high needs students. Following the themes that emerged from the survey data, he developed curriculum
for a Teacher Assistant Certification Program, which, to this day has fundamentally retained its original curricular

Project Management and Implementation
Since 1967 Dr. Gougeon managed teams in two large fund raising programs, four national expedition programs,
thirteen department or institution-wide curriculum development programs, and five international community capacity
development programs. Dr. Gougeon excels in project management. He was seconded by the President’s office at the
University of Calgary for a year as Team Leader for the Undergraduate Curriculum Redesign Team in 1997. This
university-wide team was responsible for providing a template to guide all undergraduate programs within the 16
faculties. The template included a controversial explicit syllabus and Dr. Gougeon successfully negotiated with the 16
Deans and Faculties to implement the program. Dr. Gougeon brings a wealth of experience in evaluating program
performance. He evaluated and reported on the effectiveness of a six year program for International Interns at the Aga
Khan School in Dhaka, Bangladesh. On the strength of the findings, CIDA funding was secured for the school. In 2000,
Dr. Gougeon created an evaluation instrument for parents, teachers and administration at the school. The subsequent
evaluation entailed conducting interviews with students, teachers and administrators; compiling and analysing the
data and measuring these against professional objectives submitted to the AKFC. On the basis of this evaluation
AKFC secured further CIDA funding and is now operational within a Results Based Management framework. The
project focussed on  performance issues and their impact on students and teachers as indicators of change.  The
school enrollment increased from 250 to 1400 students in three years and increase was directly linked to the
Canadian program component. Dr. Gougeon taught qualitative, quantitative and survey research methods courses at
the graduate level. He regularly consulted on survey development and performance monitoring. In 2006 Dr. Gougeon
led a task force constituted by the Government of Kosovo to plan and implement a teacher in-service program to
enable 23,500 practicing teachers re-certify by earning a four year B. Ed degree. The Task Force was successful and
members of the Task Force gained skills to sustain the In Service program over the next 15 years.

Governance and Decentralization
Dr. Gougeon brings his experiences as current board member of the NGO, International Rural Network Inc., past
President and CEO of a private international college, board member and Chairperson of Notre Dame University of
Nelson, and board member of St. John’s School of Alberta to governance. He taught  a doctoral level course at the
University of Calgary in planning and governance for NGOs. In preparing for this course Dr. Gougeon read widely on
jurisprudential, political and ethical issues on governance and employed a governance-as-leadership framework for
helping nonprofit organizations maximize the effectiveness of their boards. His current interest includes how to
balance board fiduciary, strategic and generative responsibilities when working with the CEO or executive director.

Leadership Experiences
Creating an organization takes leadership skills, as well as good management and administrative skills. Therefore
when Dr. Gougeon actively helps create new organizations, he draws upon many skills in leadership. In 1968, Dr.
Gougeon was 21 years old when he was selected to join a team of two professionals to create a non governmental
organization. The team was given a goal to develop a community of parents, a constituency of supporters, raise funds,
and build a new residential private school for grades 6-12 boys in Alberta Canada. Since its opening in 1969, the
school operates successfully, adapting its programs to meet prevailing educational needs for boys. That was
Gougeon's first formal leadership experience. Since, in 1979, as Chair of a Board of Governors, Dr. Gougeon was
instrumental in creating a University-College Centre, and in 1987, as President, helped found an international college
in British Columbia Canada. In 1995, in the face of massive budget cutbacks, he conceptualized and created a
distance learning program at the University of Calgary for education specializations at the graduate level. The program
currently enrolls 600 graduate students. In 1996, Dr Gougeon conceptualized and created a distance education
Teacher Assistant program that currently enrolls more than 700 full time students. Finally, in 2002, as a founding
executive member, Dr. Gougeon helped found the International Rural Network Inc., modeled in part after the Aga Khan
Development Network, and its constituency includes community leaders, community development workers, medical
researchers, and educators who live in or focus on developing and transitional countries.

Preparation in Leadership Theory
In 1975, Dr. Gougeon completed his first course in leadership theory, and since that time he studied under some
eminent theorists including Dr. Chris Hodgkinson, Dr. Roald Campbell, and Dr. Walt Gmelch. He worked with notable
theorists including Dr. Charol Shakeshaft, Dr. Beth Young, Dr. Keith Walker, and Dr. Gail Furman. Dr. Gougeon
completed a Master of Education degree focussing research on University Governance in 1978. In 1989 he completed
a PhD in Educational Administration focusing on leadership communication. He contributed to the American Education
Research Association conferences from 1986-1996. He participated in scholarly conferences sponsored by the
University’s Council of Educational Administration from 1987-1995 and regularly reported his research findings there.
Since 1990, Dr. Gougeon regularly presented his research at the Canadian Association for Studies in Education until
1998. After this time Dr. Gougeon began to focus on international contexts to present work, including conferences in
Hawaii, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, Scotland, England and Spain. He continues to work with colleagues
around the world on sustainability issues and community leadership development issues.

Teaching Leadership Courses
Since 1981 Dr. Tom Gougeon conducted research in communication in leadership at the University of Victoria,
Washington State University and University of Calgary. His PhD thesis, “Cross-Gender Communication in Public
Schools” looked at gender as a main variable in principal / teacher communication in public schools in Washington
State. Dr. Gougeon taught graduate level courses in leadership theory since 1990; and from 1992-2005, Dr. Gougeon
taught a graduate level course, “Communication in Educational Leadership” which included gender and cross cultural
issues. He taught other graduate level courses within the leadership specialization including “Social Dynamics in
Rural Education,” and “Organizational Theory.” From 1992-2005, Dr. Gougeon taught leadership courses for non-credit
certificate management programs directed to meet the needs of professionals who work in private sector industry as
well as human behaviour in organizations courses. In 1995, he contributed a chapter to a book on gender and
leadership in education Gougeon, entitled, “Teacher perceptions of principals: A gender issue.” The book was Gender
Issues in Canadian Educational Administration and Leadership, (C. Reynolds & B.Young, Eds.). Calgary AB: Detselig.
In 2005 Dr. Gougeon created a new course for doctoral level studies called Planning and Governance and has
integrated a framework of leading as governance. In the summer of  2009, Dr. Gougeon developed an undergraduate
leadership course for the Summer University Program in Prishtina Kosova and mentored a University of Prishtina
professor to teach it.

Project Evaluation
Added to his numerous evaluation experiences, Dr. Tom Gougeon evaluated the World Bank funded Education
Participation Improvement Project II that was implemented during the 2007-2009 period. This was a 25 day contract
that involved a comprehensive review of archival documents pertaining to the project; design of the evaluation tools,
notably three surveys, schedules of questions for interviews and focus groups; conducting surveys, interviews and
facilitating focus groups; analysis of data; and, creation of the final evaluation report with recommendations.

History of Employment and Assignments:

2005 - Present:      University of Calgary, Emeritus Associate Professor of Education
1990 to 2005:         University of Calgary, Associate Professor in Education
1987 to 1989:         President of Canadian International College in British Columbia
1984 to 1986:         Principal Public High School in British Columbia
1981 to 1984:         Directed Rural Teacher Education Program at University of Victoria
1968 to 1981:         Taught and administered private and public schools grades 6-12 in three Canadian Provinces

Knowledge of / Experience in Developing and Transitional Countries and Territories:

Dr. Gougeon travelled extensively in Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco,
Egypt, Lebanon, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Bangladesh, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica,
and Puerto Rico.

Supportive Experience:

Dr. Gougeon has worked over 45 years with adults and children in volunteer and paid roles. From his teenage years
he volunteered in the precursor of the Big Brother’s Organization and the Ontario Institute for the Mentally Handicapped.
He worked as a high school teacher and expedition leader from 1968-1972 for an NGO operating a private residential
boys’ school that offered an outward bound-type program. These experiences reflect Dr. Gougeon’s values: He prefers
to support solid, positive relationships with people, building personal capacity rather than accumulating status or
wealth. Dr. Gougeon worked and functioned successfully in many diverse locations including isolated communities in
Canada, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and cities in Kosovo, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, and
Uganda. He applies his cross cultural expertise whenever he is in these situations. Since 1997, Dr. Gougeon has
worked with the International Rural Network Inc., an international cross-disciplinary organization involving medical,
community development, and educational specialists to disseminate knowledge and skills to community leaders in
developing and transitional countries.

Selected Publications:

•    Gougeon, T. (2009). Evaluation Report on the Education Participation Improvement Project II. World Bank: Prishtina
•    Koliqi, Hajrullah. Gougeon, T. English Editor. (2007). Thesaurus of Philoeducation: A mosaic of socio-pedagogical
sayings. Pristina Kosovo: University of Pristina.
•    Lynn, D., Gougeon, T., and S. Hutton. (2007). Count Me In! In G. Anderson & A. Wenderoth (Eds). Facilitating
Change: Reflections on Six Years of Education Development Programming in Challenging Environments. Educator
Development Project: Montreal Canada.
•      Gougeon, T. (2006) In-Service Professor Training Program. Facilitator Training Guide. Pristina Kosovo: Educator
Development Project.(49 pages)
•      Gougeon, T. (2006) In-Service Professor Training Program. Participant Handbook. Pristina Kosovo: Educator
Development Project. (119 pages)
•      Gougeon, T. (2006) Gender Equality in Education For Gender Equality Trainers, School Administrators and
Facilitator Guide. Montreal Canada: Educator Development Project. (78 pages)
•      Gougeon, T., Hyseni, B. (2006) Gender Equality in Education For Gender Equality Trainers, School Administrators
and Teachers
Participant Handbook. Montreal Canada: Educator Development Project. (188 pages)
•      Guy, R. Gougeon, T., Hutton, S., Bekdache, K., Goddard, J.T., & Anderson, K. (2005). School leadership: A
development program for principals in Lebanon. Calgary, AB: Faculty of Education. (244 pages)
•       Gougeon, T. (2005). Integration of Place and Centralist Curricula in Developing and Transitional Countries.
Conference Publication for the International Rural Network Symposium. Arkleton Trust: Tarland Scotland.
•        Gougeon, T. (Summer 2003). Leadership Development: Educating Self-Aware Leaders. Leadership Compass:
Issue 9. Available at
•        Benwell, S. & T. Gougeon. (2003). Leading to Educational Excellence: Understanding School Community.
Admininfo Magazine. The BC Principal and Vice Principal’s Association.
•        Gougeon, T. (2002) Virtual Reality and Cyber Cafes. Leadership Times. : Edmonton AB: Canadian School
•        Gougeon, T. (2002) Common Issues in Rural Schools. Leadership Times. : Edmonton AB: Canadian School
•        Gougeon. T. (2001). Orienting New Professionals to Small Isolated Communities. In Issues Affecting Rural
Communities (II). Montgomery, J. & A. Kitchenham (Eds). Nanaimo BC: Rural Communities Research and
Development Centre.

Service to the Field
•       Gougeon, T. (2010) Reviewed Manuscript #397, Home away from home? A review of boarding in Australian
schools. For the Rural Society Journal.

Selected Presentations:

•        Gougeon, T. (2005) Integrating Public, Private and Voluntary Youth Development Workers in Rural Communities”
presented at the International Rural Network Conference ‘The Power of Place: Rural Communities, Global Reach’ in
Abdington Virginia USA June 2005.
•        Gougeon, T. (2005). Preparing Novice Teachers to Nurture the School Community. Conference Proceedings for
Breaking Boundaries: Radical Innovation in Education. International Congress for School Effectiveness and
Improvement. Barcelona Spain.

Professional Memberships:
•        International Rural Network, Board Member, Honorary Treasurer
•        International Phi Delta Kappa, Member
•        American Educational Research Association, Member
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