Curriculum Vita for Dr Susan Hutton
Proposed Position – Education and Policy Consultant

Name/Citizenship:  Dr. Susan Hutton/Canada and U.S.A.


Dr. Hutton combines impressive academic qualifications to the EdD level in Education with international experience in workplace learning
and educational leadership.  She is an adult learning, gender and culture specialist in leadership at the University of Calgary Education
faculty for 11 years. Dr. Hutton directed programs in international workplace learning and management development. Dr. Hutton  has
extensive experience in designing and delivering educational leadership programs, using both face-to-face and online computer mediated
communication designs that take into account the diverse needs of adult learners in a variety of workplace contexts. She developed
leadership programs for educators and workplace leaders programs both in the U.S.A., Canada and for an Asian cohort in Bangkok,
Thailand.  Dr. Hutton has extensive management and leadership experience including managing public schools, university programs and
several private contracts. She has a strong background in leadership, human resource management, curriculum design and evaluation and in
all areas of leadership education with a particular focus on gender and cultural communication and numerous projects. Her extensive
experience and comprehensive understanding of leadership, learning, workplace human resource issues, and administration and management
of organizations would be of great value to organizations overseas. She successfully provided social capacity building skills to projects
funded by the Canadian International Development Agency and the Work Bank in Kosovo and Lebanon respectively.

Education and Related Training:

1992        Ed.D. (Educational Administration), Washington State University, Washington, USA
Teaching Certificate. The Province of Alberta
Superintendent Credential. Washington State University, Pullman WA  USA
Principal's Credential. (Elementary) Eastern Washington University, Cheney WA  USA.
 M.Ed. (Curriculum Design and Instruction), Eastern Washington University, Cheney WA  USA
B.Ed (Social Science and Mathematics) Eastern Washington University, Cheney WA  USA

Languages:        Spoken                Read                Written
English                fluent                    fluent                fluent
Spanish               minimal                 basic                 minimal

Length of service/status with last firm:  12 years, Associate Professor of Continuing Education and Education, Workplace Learning &
Educational Leadership

Pertinent Experience:

Education Policy and Planning and Team Leader
As a professor who served as Associate Dean and Director of numerous cost recovery/profit programs, Dr. Hutton brings a solid and
practical set of experiences to working with diverse teams to develop policy that supports program planning for a variety of adult learning
endeavors.  She spearheaded a unique university wide policy to allow for the prior learning experience of adults in certificate programs to
apply their certificate towards one year of undergraduate credit; and worked closely with business partners to plan programs for those
employed in diverse fields such as banking, insurance, oil and gas companies as well as the non-profit sector.  Additionally, Dr. Hutton had
many years experience as central office administrator interpreting national and federal regulations with the school board directors for large
financial aid to migrant/Hispanic children. This work included development of local district policy and planning for delivery of programs;
building teams of instructors and partnership with parents to deliver solid programming for diverse student needs. In the summer of 2009,
Dr. Hutton developed an undergraduate Gender and Leadership course for the Summer University Program in Prishtina Kosova and
mentored a University of Prishtina professor to teach it.

Teacher Training and Curriculum Development
Dr. Hutton has a master’s degree in instructional design and curriculum development and worked for many years in the
public schools responsible to bring diverse needs of students, parents and community together to develop and implement
curriculum at the local school level that would meet state and federal requirements for basic education funding to the
school district.  Comprehensive curriculum development for all students grades K-12 was developed in all major content
areas (language arts, mathematics, sciences). She chaired and spearheaded the first Program Improvement Committee
comprised of representatives from all schools in the district and with parent and school board support implemented and
substantive Scope and Sequence of study, including necessary in service and training needs of teachers for delivery.

Dr. Hutton was elected and served at the state level for many years on the Washington State Association for Supervision
and Curriculum Development and in that capacity as a board member also chaired the state teach education grant award
program for outstanding programs.  Dr. Hutton also won a national award for the development of a drop out prevention
program for High School students. She brings a wealth of professional and practical experience to assisting teachers with
the necessary training to implement a strong curricular program. Dr. Hutton has also been involved as a consultant for the
Learning Centre at the Calgary Police Service designing curriculum for Sergeants and Constables as well as providing the
director with a comprehensive systematic design for overall curriculum management system for the police force. Dr. Hutton
worked in social capacity building projects funded by the Canadian International Development Agency and the World Bank
in Kosovo and Lebanon, respectively.

Monitoring and Evaluation
Dr. Hutton has extensive experience in program monitoring and evaluation. She managed large federal and state funded
projects within public schools including English as a Second Language, Bilingual, and Special Education, Gifted
programs within specific guideline to meet instructional design and delivery as well as outcome measures of student
progress. Dr. Hutton also served on state-wide accreditation boards granting accreditation to high schools for their
graduates to enter college and university settings. Additionally, she has provided adult learning programs in the University
setting as well as in the public sector with the necessary indicators for ROI (return on investment) criteria to justify
expenditures for learning programs in the workplace.

Dr. Hutton provides Human Resource Departments in large resource and energy companies with analyses of local
training programs required for the implementation of energy generation and transmission projects.

History of Employment and Assignments:

2005-Present    UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY, Calgary, AB CANADA. Emeritus Associate Professor in Education.
2004-2005        UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY, Calgary, AB  CANADA, Graduate Division of Education, Faculty of Education,
Associate Professor,
2001-2003        ENMAX Corporation, Calgary, AB CANADA,
Manager, Human Resource, Learning and Development
                         (On Career Leave from University of Calgary)
1993 -2004       UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY, Calgary, AB CANADA, The Faculty of Continuing Education,
(1998- 2004), Associate Dean (1996-1998), Assistant Professor (1993-1997), Director of
                         Programs (1996-1997),  
Director, Master of Continuing Education: Workplace Learning Program (1996-
Director, Management Certificate Programs (1993-1996)
1991-Present   DUGRENE ENTERPISES,INC. Calgary, AB CANADA, Professional Services for Organizations, Vacation
                         Rentals in San  Juan Puerto Rico and Tucson Arizona,
1992                   MOUNT ROYAL COLLEGE, Calgary, AB CANADA, Continuing Education, Instructor (Human Resources for
                         Non  Profit Sector)
1991-1992        WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY, Pullman WA  USA,
Doctoral Candidate
1990-1991        AIDS Calgary Awareness Association, Calgary AB  CANADA, Director, Education Programs
1989-1990        MOUNT STEWART ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Ellensburg WA  USA,
1989-1990        EASTERN WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY, Ellensburg WA  USA, College of Education, Adjunct
1988-1989        WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY, Pullman WA USA, College of Education, Teaching Assistant
1988                  CODAC Behavioural Health Services, Tucson AZ  USA, Consultant & Trainer
1972-1987         PROSER SCHOOL DISTRICT, Prosser WA  USA, Assistant Superintendent; Curriculum (1984-1987),
Director, Curriculum and Special Projects (1979-1984), Principal (50%) Whitstran Elementary School,
Vice Principal (50%)  Housel Middle School, (1978-1979), Teacher, Whitstran Elementary School

Knowledge of/Experience in Developing and Transitional Countries:

Dr. Hutton has travelled to Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Nicaragua, Costa Rico, Puerto Rico,
Morocco, Thailand and Australia

Supportive Experience:

Dr. Hutton has worked over 35 years with adults and children in volunteer and paid roles. Beginning as a teenager she
volunteered for Future Teachers Association and worked with young teens in volunteer city projects. Her first assignment
was as a teacher’s aid working with large numbers of English as a second language students whose first language was
Spanish. Dr. Hutton worked closely in her first public administrative position to design, develop and deliver an innovative,
portable program aimed at reducing the rate of high school drop outs from migrant Spanish families in the public school
system; this program received the U.S.A. National Diffusion Network award. She continued to examine issues of access
and equity throughout her public school and university career reflecting her belief in the potential and deserved opportunity
of those not provided educational opportunities. Dr. Hutton is a strong supporter educational opportunities for all members
of society and worked as a director of special needs and bilingual and migrant programs at a state and national level. She
has worked successfully in diverse locations such as rural communities in U.S.A, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico applying her
sense of equity and cross cultural expertise in all this situations.

Selected Publications:

Lynn, D., Gougeon, T., and S. Hutton. (2007). Count Me In! In G. Anderson & A. Wenderoth (Eds). Facilitating Change:
Reflections on Six Years of Education Development Programming in Challenging Environments. Educator Development
Project: Montreal Canada.
Guy, R. Gougeon, T., Hutton, S., Bekdache, K., Goddard, J.T., & Anderson, K. (2005). School leadership: A professional
development program for principals in Lebanon. Calgary, AB: Faculty of Education.
Hutton, S, (2001). Quality online participation: different voices, different equity. Published in the proceedings of the
International Conference of Research in Distance Education 2000 conference proceedings  publication, Faculty of
Education, Deakin University, Geelong Australia  (12 pages)
Hutton,S. (1999). Course Design Strategies - Traditional versus On-line: What Transfers?  What Doesn’t? Alberta
Association for Continuing Education Journal, (26),43-50.
Hutton S. & Gougeon, T. (1997). Different voices: Men, women and equity in virtual classrooms. In E. Rhynas,
D.Williams & E. Moore (Eds.). Proceeding of the Leading Edge Training and Technologies Conference,Victoria, BC (51-54).
Quarterly. Jossey-Bass. 4, (3), 277-290.
Hutton, S. (1997).Declining Enrollment Sparks Certificate Review: Lessons Learned. Canadian
Journal of University and Continuing Education. Fall, 1997, 22 pages.
Wiesenberg F.& Hutton,S(1996). Teaching a Graduate Program Using Computer Mediated
Conferencing Software.  Journal of Distance Education. XI,(1)p. 83-100.
Hutton, S. (1995).  Collaborative efforts in human resource and personnel administration training programs.  In S.Evans
(Ed.). Proceedings of the Alberta Association for Continuing Education and Northwest Adult Education Association Joint
Conference, Edmonton, AB (23-28).
Gougeon, T. & Hutton, S. (1993).  Communication in the workplace: Effects of culture and sex
on principal-teacher communication in schools.  Human Resource Development

Selected Presentations:

Hutton, S. Lessons in Leadership presented to CHERD Institute, Calgary, Alberta, February 22, 2002.
Hutton, S.  Women and Leadership presented to the Calgary Human Resource Association, Calgary, Alberta, April
30, 2002.
Meents, J. & Hutton, S. Succession Planning presented to the Calgary Human Resource Association, Calgary,
Alberta April 30,2002.
Hutton, S. & Gougeon T. Cross gender communication. Presented to the Conference of the Association of
American, Schools of Central America, Colombia, Caribbean & Mexico, Managua, Nicaragua, October 11,
200, Invited
Hutton, S. & Wiesenberg, F. (2000). Quality online participation: learning in CMC classrooms.   Presented to the
Working Knowledge – Productive Learning at Work, International Conference, The Research into Adult
and Vocational Learning Group, University of Technology at Sydney, New South Wales, Australia ,
December, 2000
Hutton, S. & Wiesenberg, F. (2000). Participation in Computer Mediated Curriculum (CMC). Presented to the RIDE
Conference, University of Deakin at Geelong, Australia, December 2000.
Keenan, T., Hutton, S., Wiesenberg, F. & Minuk, S. (1999). Internet: New dimension of human resource
development. Presented to Skills Center and Distributed Education Center, Asian Institute of Technology,
Bangkok, Thailand, February, 1999.
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