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Assessing & Identifying Gaps

Tom Gougeon and Susan Hutton use several methodologies including surveying, interviewing, facilitating
focus groups, and leading DACUM picture board process to determine duties, tasks, knowledge, skills and
attributes needed for each position in organizations. They conduct gap analysis to determine priorities in
training. They produce reports that detail responsibilities and roles for specific job categories and
assesses priorities for training.

Creating Training Modules

Tom Gougeon and Susan Hutton draw upon their curriculum backgrounds to guide and facilitate HR
Managers to design and implement appropriate Training Modules. They draw upon adult learning theory
and include a variety of face-to-face and distance education formats. They are experienced in curriculum
design and instruction using distance education strategies. They draw upon content that specifically
reflects upon the learners and the culture within which they work.
Dr. Tom Gougeon
Dr. Susan Hutton
Dr. Susan Hutton advises in organizations on project planning, leadership
development and leadership succession planning, performance and
reward management, talent retention including retention of women in high
level positions, and women entrepreneurs.  She guides and assists
curriculum designers in developing training modules. She advises on
project planning to provide trained employees for energy resource
companies in northern regions of Canada.
Dr.  Tom Gougeon advises in organizations on developing five year
plans, governance, leadership development, coaching, job analysis,
performance and learning objectives, job training, and curriculum
development. He assesses training programs for effectiveness and
efficiency making recommendations on how to align programs more
closely to organizational mission, values and objectives. He advises on
student transition to college and subsequent program offerings through
local learning centres to meet community and business needs.
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